Safety awareness

In spite of the impression given by Johnny Depp alias Jack Sparrow: there is nothing romantic about pirates. In the past, the majority ended up on the gallows or lying on the seabed.
Everyone who works in the Heerema Fabrication Group yards must decide: am I a pirate or an HFG employee in the heart and soul?

Safety awareness video focusing on Hand Injury

Safety awareness video focusing on Head Injury

Safety awareness video focusing on Eye Injury

Safety awareness video focusing on Slips, Trips and Falls

Heerema Fabrication Group acknowledges SHE as one of the most important aspects of successful project delivery. That’s why we have a goal of a safe and accident free working environment. Our goal aims at all people at our yards and projects to be able to go home at the end of the day without having suffered harm in any way. That’s why Heerema Fabrication Group’s philosophy is “Building on Safety”.

Heerema Fabrication Group considers SHE to be a line responsibility that requires everybody’s participation, cooperation and full commitment. We acknowledge that if we want our people to follow the rules and take necessary precautions, it shouldn’t be because they have to, but because they want to.

Our 7 Rules of Safety are:

Safe BehaviourSafe behaviour is a condition of employment
Hazard AwarenessIdentify and control hazards
HousekeepingKeep the workplace clean
Working at HeightProtect yourself against falling from height
Lifting OperationsUse safe lifting practices
Permit to WorkAdhere to the HFG permit system
Transport and DrivingAdhere to all traffic rules