She wanted to become an in-house business lawyer. After studying law, specializing -of course - in business law at the Erasmus University, Dana Dosset, Head of Legal & Insurance started work at the consultancy firm Monsma Partners for the Haarlemmermeer local authority. After finishing this assignment, she was employed as a member of the Botlek team of the Rotterdam municipality and came in contact with large international technical companies. These companies made her heart beat faster!

When HFG advertised a vacancy for a Junior Legal Counsel in 2000, she did not hesitate a moment. She was recruited and then got the opportunity to sink her teeth into a wide range of international legal affairs. From contract negotiations in the tender process to claims handling, including labor corporate and competition law. The one day behind her desk in the office, the next in the yard where a project was arising or visiting (potential) clients and suppliers. She was promoted to Senior in 2006. She went to work in the office in New Orleans for a year where she established a legal department, carried out negotiations in Nigeria and developed into an all-round company lawyer.

In 2010 - while pregnant with her second child - HFG asked her to accept the position of Manager Legal & Insurance. She agreed and has not regretted it for a second. She is in the right job as the manager of a department of five professionals and continues to innovate.