It is a good thing Kees van der Horst likes to work a lot because his job is quite demanding. He comes in early to check the report from the nightshift and to prepare work for the dayshift. At the end of the day he often stays behind too, reviewing the day's work and preparing his handover report for the nightshift. 

At 35, Kees is the team leader managing some 40 to 50 assemblers putting together structures at HFG's Vlissingen yard. Kees started out as a fitter, worked for several years as a contractor until he was asked in 2006 to do a traineeship for Supervisor 3. 

In mid-2007 he joined HFG as Supervisor 3 and was promoted to Supervisor 1 in 2009. He now leads a team of 3 to 6 foremen and a large group of assemblers. When the assembly work is done, welders come in to fix it all in place. Kees also works closely with outside contractors involved in the construction, such as painters and scaffolders. 

When you look around at the yard in Vlissingen, all you see is heavy, big and dangerous-looking constructions. It is a tough and demanding job but very rewarding.