Lawrence Kooij started as a trainee plater with Heerema Fabrication Group in Zwijndrecht in 1999. After a successful internship and his graduation he was hired as a full-time mechanical fitter. He later moved on to work as a pipe fitter and became a working foreman in the Structural Discipline department. 

Since May 2011, Lawrence is now Team Leader (Structural Discipline) and leads two to three foremen each of whom have about 10 people working with them. Mostly, these workers are a mix of HFG staff and contractors. 

Lawrence is the key person who ensures that all drawings and materials end up with the right people, from the smallest to the largest components, so that structures can be built in the right way and on time. It is also his responsibility that all quality controls are in place and complied with. 

Asked about what inspires people working for Heerema, Lawrence thinks one of the main aspects is the immense size of the things that are built. Besides the pride of being able to work on these structures, the team spirit among the people working at Heerema is another reason for most people to stay and choose a career within the company instead of moving on elsewhere.