Mark Platschorre arrived at HFG Vlissingen after graduating from nautical college. He knew he didn’t want to go to sea, but what he did want to do he had not yet completely determined. HFG offered him the opportunity to be a trainee and work in various departments for a year to discover his interests. 

He started in the Quality Control department, then worked for Human Resources and subsequently found himself in the Engineering Department. 

He enjoyed this the most, and took the opportunity to start working ‘for real’ in the Fabrication Engineering Department.” 

Mark did also work for some six months at Heerema Marine Contractors in Leiden and, upon his return to HFG, he worked as a junior construction manager. In 2009, HFG merged the Fabrication Engineering Department and the Drawing Office, and Mark was asked to head the newly formed department. 

He now manages a team of 12 professionals, plus two vacancies. So Mark is not just a reference of a successful career at Heerema, he is also the person to turn to if this is where you would like to work yourself.