International. That is the theme running through the life of Communications Officer Nynke de Bakker. Due to the extra dimension, she chose to study International Marketing Management at the HEAO as a matter of course. The choice took her to Chicago where she studied at the university for six months. Her graduation assignment concerned the German building market. After graduating, Nynke started working in the food sector, to support the sales in the Middle East and Africa. 

In her next job the focus was on America. After a diversion into being a buyer at a software company, in 2002 she became Management Assistant at an international daughter company of HFG: Grootint GRP Systems. She had a focal position in the company, but preferred to be working in marketing and communication. From trade shows and brochures to the website and presentations. 

After an interlude during which she established a webshop, she became Communications & Marketing Officer. Nynke became absorbed, among other things, in social media and in 2012 was offered the job of further developing online communications in the HFG Corporate Communications department. In her opinion, the market in which HFG is active and the projects that the company realizes offer a wide range of exciting communication opportunities.