Early 2011 Heerema Hartlepool started the fabrication of the 750 tons process module for installation on the existing BP Andrew platform. On 4 October 2012 the Andrew process module sailed to its final offshore destination in the North Sea.

The module is constructed as a so-called ‘bolt on’ process module. This means that the whole module will be positioned on the side of the existing platform on two huge hinge pins placed into two engagement hooks welded onto the existing BP Andrew brownfield platform structure in the North sea.

For installing and dressing the electrical cabling an unusual technique was used. Because of access restrictions as a result of the configuration of the module the pulling installation and dressing was done by means of telescopic boom lifts (cherry pickers).

Client:BP Exploration Operating Co. Ltd
Contract type:Construction
Location:UK North Sea, 230 km north east of Aberdeen
Structures:Process module
Project completion: 2012