Centrica Energy awarded HFG the EPCI contract for the F3-FA mobile production platform at the beginning of 2009. The project execution of this unique platform generated various milestones as it is the largest to date ever built at HFG's Vlissingen yard, fabricated in record-time of less than one year and the first of its kind being built at this scale for a waterdepth of 40 meters in the harsh North Sea environment.  

Detailed engineering, within the scope of HFG, has been subcontracted to Iv-Oil&Gas and SPT Offshore. Iv-Oil&Gas designed the structure and topside process and procured tagged equipment, whilst SPT Offshore designed and fabricated the platform's suction piles and led the transport and installation operation. 

The topside has 3 decks, a cellar, main and top deck. Next to this there are 4 sub-decks, the mezzanine, intermediate, heli- and weather deck. On the platform there are living quarters for up to 18 persons, which are positioned on the main and intermediate decks. The cellar deck is mainly used to position equipment needed for the operation of the platform where the mezzanine deck is used for control rooms. The wellhead and christmas trees are, through one of the four legs, positioned on the top deck under the weather deck. 

Client:Centrica Energy
Contract type:Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Installation
Location:Dutch North Sea
Structures:Mobile production platform
Project completion: 2010