In 2007 Heerema Vlissingen received the contract award for the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation of the Hasdrubal oil and gas platform. The platform was installed in the Gulf of Gabes, 110 kilometres offshore Tunisia in the Mediterranean.

The scope of contract also included responsibility for the final concept and design as well as the transport to Tunisia, offshore installation, hook up and commissioning. Furthermore, Heerema Vlissingen also provided training to the people of BG Tunisia on location, how to operate the platform.

The contract scope of the platform also included detailed engineering which was outsourced to Genesis in London. The topside of the Hasdrubal platform were built at our yard in Vlissingen and consists of 5 decks. The jacket was built at our Vlissingen yard and has a weight of 1,100 ton and a length of 69 meter

Client:BG Tunisia Ltd.
Contract type:Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Hook-up & Commissioning
Location:Offshore Tunisia, Gulf of Gabes
Structures:Topside, Jacket
Project completion: 2008