At the end of 2012 Talisman Sinopec awarded Heerema Fabrication Group the Approved for Construction contract for the Montrose Bridge Linked Platform. The construction of the topside started in March 2013 at the Zwijndrecht yard and was completed within three years.

The Montrose BLP topside contains a lot of functionality considering the size of the module. As a result the topside is overfull which made construction completion and alignment between the various disciplines a great challenge.

At the end of April 2016 the project will be ready for departure. Heerema Marine Contractors is responsible for both the transportation to the offshore location and the installation on site which will be performed with their crane vessel Thialf.

Client:Talisman SinopecEnergy UK
Contract type:Construction
Location:North Sea, 207 km East of Aberdeen
Structures:Topside for Bridge Linked Platform
Project completion: 2016