HFG's fabrication facilities are equipped with large (pre)fabrication and assembly halls for indoor construction. These halls are amongst Europe's largest and are equipped to handle several large projects simultaneously. 

The fabrication sites are located in the Netherlands (Vlissingen) and in Poland. In Poland, the company owns a workshop facility that services smaller (pre)fabrication projects and provides the fabrication locations and third parties with qualified staff for construction work.

You can find more information and specific contact details on our yards pages. You can use the above map and the sidebar menu to navigate through these fabrication locations. 

Heerema Vlissingen

200,000 m2, assembly hall, pre-fabrication facilities and covered blasting & painting areas. This yard has unrestricted access to the sea.

HFG Polska

4,900 m2, workshop facility for prefabrication of complex small steel structures used in offshore production platforms. This workshop facility, south of Poland, is easily accessible by road, rail and inland waterway.